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The House of Mercy Rote is located in the Baadale Village on the beautiful Rote Ndao Island. This Kinship began as a way to build a generation of future leaders, to help and care for orphans, and to provide a better life for them, so that they would be the good impact to the surrounding population.


When this Kinship first opened, the local community rejoiced. This was a day to celebrate, worship, and find hope once again. Would you like to be a part of this Kinship family? A part of this movement to raise a generation of leaders?




Give to Rote Mercy

To create the biggest impact Rote Mercy needs your help! Will you give to feed these children? You’ll help them stay healthy and strong for the many challenges ahead.


Give to Where Most Needed

Are you the kind of person who wants to invest wherever your gift will make the biggest impact? Give to Where Most Needed and your gift will always meet a need.


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Kinship Leaders

Neni, Sepri, and Dedi

To create the biggest impact Rote Mercy needs your help!