Rescued children in 24/7 shelter care (as of report date AORD)
Children in temporary foster care within the church (AORD)
Rescued children placed in foster homes (90 days)
Local children in provided day care (30 days)
Children in feeding program (30 days)
Children served in music or worship programs
Persons in ESL programs (AORD)
Emergency Meals served as humanitarian aid through rescue centers, churches and open outreach.
Widows given aid (30 days)
Volunteer Caregivers (30 days)
Kinship members in family counselling
People served through medical programs
Church Members active in the last 60 days
Children attending Sunday School (average)
Baptisms (last 3 months)
Cell groups and home churches planted ( 90 days)
Local youth attending outreach youth events (90 days)
Local families impacted by outreach programs (30 days)
Open air evangelism events
Door to door visits from the church leaders or youth