SHARE GOD'S WORD WITH AN ORPHAN-GIVE THEM A BIBLE! Children in Matibo Kinship’s Sunday school classes are hungry for the word of God. But they don’t have their own Bibles! They can’t wait for Sunday school each week so they can learn more about their Heavenly Father, but don’t you want to give them a way to read His Word every day? You can, for only $8! You can give a child their own Bible to take with them wherever they go. HOW TO GIVE BIBLES...

RESCUE AN ORPHAN Lonely, and confused, these children have lost their parents and don’t know who to turn to. You can be there with your gift! Give today to rescue orphaned children and bring them into a loving home. RESCUE EFFORTS HERE

KINSHIP KIDS WANT THIS “LUXURY” ITEM FOR CHRISTMAS – A BED! Many kids who come into our Kinships have never slept in a bed. This Christmas, you can change that. GIVE A BED

THIS WOMAN WILL WARM YOUR SOUL When Sellah Natecho took refuge in one of our Kenya Kinships a few years ago, she was a broken soul. God has transformed her rags to purpose. Watch this video to hear from Sellah on the importance of Kinship. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE



THE BIGGEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE Splurge a little and help buy a Kinship a school bus. You’ll impact the whole community! WILL YOU GIVE A KINSHIP SOME WHEELS?

IMAGINE GROWING UP NEXT TO A TRASH DUMP Then one day while you're digging through the trash a man offers to get some real food for you and your family. You would take it, right? HELP STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING

HELP SAVE ORPHANS AND WIDOWS WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK Did you know you can help orphans and widows without actually giving money yourself? When you use Amazon Smile, Welzoo, or Goodsearch you can donate money to Kinship United without giving any of your own money. Just by buying things on Amazon or doing a search on Goodsearch you’ll help orphans and widows. LEARN HOW TO GIVE... FOR FREE!

THE REFUGEE CRISIS NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT The Syrian Refugee crisis has drawn attention to the needs of refugees around the world. But here’s one refugee crisis that’s not in the news much anymore. THESE REFUGEES NEED HELP TOO

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