African Orphans

It takes a family with a heart for adoption to understand just how much kids like her need love

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If your heart is set on adoption, you have an incredible passion for loving orphaned children.


What if I said there's a Kinship family with that same passion waiting to raise orphans in Africa RIGHT NOW? They’re ready to give them food, shelter, and love immediately! They could even welcome a dozen more children into their Kinship Home family.


But they need help from someone who understands their passion. They need help from you! Kinship United has Kinship Homes in Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Uganda. Will you help welcome orphaned children into these African Kinships?

A Kinship Home isn't an African orphanage. It's a church first with room for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children from the surrounding community. Loving home parents and caregivers raise these children as you would raise your own. And together, they build a Kinship family.

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Jezza Kinship Home (Uganda)

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