Did you know you can change the lives of struggling widows in Uganda with an oven?


We have supported Kinship United (formerly Warm Blankets) for many years both personally and through our business. They have an incredible vision coupled by the experience and expertise to execute that vision. You would be hard pressed to find another charity with a more important mission. We have also found them to be professionall, competent,and responsive on the administration side as well making them a pleasure to work with! I CAN’T RECOMEND THEM ENOUGH!!!

Stephen T

I wanted to take a moment and say what a wonderful organization Warm Blankets Orphan Care and now Kinship United is for our family.  Our family was looking to support a ministry that would reach out to children in their most desperate time of need and lend a helping hand. We found your ministry years ago after carefully searching for ministries that were the best stewards of the money they received.  After researching many ministries we decided to support Warm Blankets Orphan Care now called Kinship United.  This was a thorough search since we were looking for a ministry that fit biblical guidelines in giving and stewardship.  We believe we have found not only a ministry that meets those guidelines but a trusted partner in helping those in their greatest time of need. I strongly recommend anyone considering helping those in need and especially orphan children who have such great needs to consider Warm Blankets Orphan Care now called Kinship United.  May God richly bless the orphan children and all those who help rescue and save the youngest of Gods family in Jesus name.

Michael V

We believe that Christian orphan care is the best way to create the greatest good for the child, country and our world. We have known Craig Muller President Kinship United for over 15 years and understand and share his passion for orphan care. We have donated  to Kinship United (aka Warm Blankets) for a number of year. In addition we have also donated warehouse space for the organization over the years. The organization has high integrity for orphan care.  The Kinship advantage is to create homes run by pastors and their spouses to care for a limited number of children. This creates a healthy situation for the child and is recommended by UNESCO. This is an excellent organization and worthy of your consideration

Joel S